Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Hire

The Hirer accepts to rent the particular bike and accessories and agrees with the conditions identified on this form. 

Payment and Security Deposit

All rentals can either be paid in advance or in full via PayPal, credit card, debit card, or cash.

If the Hirer wants to rent a bike from Bronte ebikes, he/she must provide credit or debit card details. Also, a pre-advised Security Deposit will be applicable before the hiring process starts. Upon return of the bike, the Security Deposit shall be cancelled subject to the following terms:

  • The deposit covers any theft case, damages, or failure to return the item at the agreed time and date.
  • Late return or repair costs may be removed from the deposit.
  • The Hirer shall be notified of any excess of the deposit.
  • Repair costs or replacements will be charged at the full market value.

Collection and Delivery

All equipment booked in advance will be ready for pickup at the pre-arranged time as agreed when prior to booking.

If for any unexpected circumstances, delivery by Bronte ebikes of any equipment booked is not possible, then a full repayment will be paid or another replacement is offered.

Provided you need to make a cancellation, you must give a 24-hour notice via email or telephone. Any notice after this time will not be void.

On the Hirer demand, bikes can be changed to another of similar value, provided there’s no damage. Or it can be for one of the higher/upgraded models, subject to stock availability.

Hirer must return the items by the time and date agreed at a rental.

Late Returns / Early Returns

There will be an applied fee for late return.

All bikes and accessories must be returned within the specific rental period. If you need to extend the hire period, kindly contact us beforehand.

Under any conditions, including unfavourable weather, no refunds shall be applicable for the early return of bikes.

Safety and Security

The Hirer will be responsible for complete safety custody of the bikes and equipment for any loss, theft, or damage. You must lock it to a safe spot when not in use and keep it secured at all times.

In case of any loss, notify the hiring company without delay. Any accident or theft, notify the nearest police station.

The Hirer must be at least 14 years old to ride an electric bike. If the Hirer is below 16 years, they must come with an adult.

Cycling Manner and Safe Practice

Please be careful when cycling. Do not destroy natural habitats.

All bikes rented from Bronte ebikes are in great shape and suitable for road and cycle paths only. Please do not cycle on open moorland due to ground nesting birds and damage to the environment. Please keep to way marked bridleways.

Do not submerge electric bikes in water. They are great at cycling in the rain but never in rivers and streams.

Do not ride when drunk or under influence of hard drugs.

Wear a helmet and use other useful safety costumes.

Failure to adhere to the above will result in the instant seizure of all bikes and accessories; without any refunds.

Use front and rear lights during late hours or dark areas.

Obey the highway code. Do not cycle against traffic. Be well-mannered to road users. Always ride responsibly.

You shall be responsible in case of an accident, death, or injury. Bronte ebikes will not be held responsible if there is any damage to any bikes or property. You agree to compensate Bronte ebikes against any damages, losses, and expenses related to your rental period. Most importantly, ensure you cycle with personal and third-party liability insurance.